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Medius of Eve

Yellow apples
Drip like dirty gold
From the tree of knowledge
Snakes, lizards, dragons
All wait with baited breath
For Eve to make her move
The sky screams, ripping at the seams
Tearing itself apart
And Eve speaks the tongue of a dirty language,
Licking her lips and
Letting her pretty eyes roll
This is woman
Weak, strong
Brave, stupid
Adam grabs her wrist, letting his numb fingers dig into the flesh
She pulls away and pulls the leaves from the tree
Smiling wickedly, ripping apart sanctity
She stuffs handfuls into her naw,
With man eating intensity
And lets one last,
Silent, painful,
Breath escape her lips
And the apple,
Juicy, rotten,
Felt like heaven against her parched lips
And God loves her no more