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The Princess of Disdain

There is a land,

So grey and shaded and dull,

And the people are but whispers

And the water runs thick with cloud

It is here that I rule,

I, the princess of Disdain,

Am well loved by my subjects

And pampered to extremes

I am sorrow embodied

I am feeling untouched

Boring, yet so powerful in my blank way,

I alone am the might of this place

My crown is of thorns,

Dull but still like small knives upon my brow

And my dresses are all Spider Silk and boring grey gilt

All gold in the land has been faded

And glimmers no more

My people are a silent crowd

My father still, too

I make my speeches in a haze

And wave to the crowds through windows

They never cheer,


They never praise my name

But I couldn't ask for that

For I am the princess of Disdain

Clocks tick slow,

Seemingly toying with the minds perception

And the days pass to nightmares,

Silence reigns alongside me in this realm

And in him I find solace

There are no children,

Only the old and the sick

In rickety rocking chairs they sit

And speak of the days

They lived in Happiness,

Peace, and Contentment

But they are my subjects

And serve me well they do,

For I am the princess of Disdain,

And for that,

I will kill,

And deceive and lie

My home

Shadows, grey, clouds

Will all meet you one day,

For someday you will venture here,

And you will join Disdain