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In Memorandum Of Innocence Lost

I lay, cold on the floor,

Lips bleeding, lips numb

You've just finished with me,

And you take your leave

Like I was a doll,

Like I was a pet with no common sense,

You even ruffle my hair and tell me to be a good girl

My wings are broken,

My heart is gone,

And for such a long, long time,

I knew that I would someday repay you for taking my innocence

I want to hold you down,

Smack your face,

Kill and rape the way you raped me

My hands will be my gun,

My words, the bullets

My heart will not mourn,

My body will not break,

My eyes will be open,

To watch you take that last breath,

And when you're there,

Lying on the floor,

Numb, cold, ashamed,

I will break you,

Make you want to die,

The way I wanted to,

My hideous prince,

you've no idea as to what I've got in store for you,

These thoughts have been pushed back so many years,

But now they're blood,

Bursting from an artery,

You called me an angel back then,

If only you knew,

I will be an angel,

But not of the kind you'd expect

My soul will be free, finally,

And I will finally rest,

Until then,

Ugly prince,

Don't forget your princess