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Lupine Smile

I met a man,

One day as I traveled,

his eyes were intense,

his breath was hot,

and I was moved

And compelled to speak to him my innermost thoughts

And as tears ran down,

I saw this change

A change in him,

A change in me,

and as that change came over us,

A tremor, a quake,

a full blown attack

and, while I sunk slowly,

painfully slow,

he just smiled,

led me back home,

To my little house all alone on its cliff

I never let my mind wander,

for I know if it did,

I would just wind up all alone

like I always am

Hand in hand

Hip by hip

we walked in the last embers of a moaning and convulsing sunset

He touched my shoulder,

I held his hand

and alone in my garden we stood at last

My dear, my lovely, my sweet.”

He whispered

and with hungry lips and hungry eyes

we tugged upon the gate

And when that creaking ribcage opened,

we stood at a knoll,

so silent, so sacred, so utterly alone,

I felt a gentle tug at my hair,

but it was only my hands,

sneaking away from my sides,

to tangle and tease it,

and with a growing smile

Just like a wolf!”

I cried

He grabbed my hand,

led my frozen body to the cliffs edge,

kissed me again,


his fingers let go,

and I fell,

and the last thing

I'll see,

Is my lovely Wolf's

Lupine smile

Shining down on me