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To The Night and the Fishing Hooks

Its raining,

The night cold and clear

And here I lie,

Abandoned, frozen, forever alone

The silence hums in volumes

“No one loves you,

No one ever could.”

And if I am to believe this voice,

Then fighting just seems pointless

But downing, being caught on a lone fishing line,

Just seems silly to me

I've fought this far,

So why won't the Silence just let me be?

“Liar! Harlot! Whore!”

It cries,

Pushing Its' hands into my face

I struggle to stay upright

I struggle to not fall

But in the end,

I'll only slink to the ground

The loving mother to which I belong

I am the cold, clear night

I am the silence,

hurling obscenities,

Vulgar half-truths and all out lies

I am the fishing line,

Lonely and forgotten in the endless stream of


I couldn't fight myself,

My own foe,

My closest friend,

My only nemesis,

I am, once again,

The Silence within myself