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Mar. 14th, 2013

Darling Angel

Darling angel
Sweetest indulgence
I am but your pawn
With blood red lips
And snow whit eyes
Use me, like you have with all those before me
Tell me that I stun the room
Tell me the ghosts are looking
If what I see and what I hear differ,
I will refer to you,
Silent, quiet, hushed
A slick guardian of quiet
A smooth guardian of fake,
You rape, you pillage, and
Take and take and take
But you make love to angels
Whose jaws hang loose from their skulls,
Whose hair falls out in patches
Straw in your hand
No longer gold, no longer steel
Their dresses are no longer white,
But dirty and stained at the womb
And my sorrow must reach you soon
So I send this hope
Out on rotted wings
To you, my darling,
For you, my Saintly Beast

Of Puppets and Their Dreamers

I kiss the night,
Let this sickness take its hold
There are a thousand angels,
And nine-hundred and ninety-nine are made of stone
I am the princess of the darkest light
Queen of dying spiders
I kiss this glass
And abort the fetus of the night,
My sorrow giggles,
Manically depressed
In in the silence of the tomb,
My weary eyes find rest
Lord, I hate
God, I loathe,
But if my heart is royal
Then pain keeps it clothed
And they will be so rich,
And bloody red and gold and grey,
The silence cries
"Another chance! Another chance!"
While I beg for one more day,
With shimmering golden thread
The color of poppies in the sunset
And of Angel Dust,
You used the night you died
I find myself cold, alone, and somehow bought,
I am the princess of the fallen world,
I am the receiver of
Shattered diamonds and so many flawed pearls
Oh, wise woman of the night,
Goddess of milky things and dim night lights
Take me home,
Take me away,
For, while my soul fights on,
My body dies today

Jan. 16th, 2013

To Me, The Frostbitten-Queen

To the girl I've become
Angel of night
Angel of shattered glass
Gentle Saint of Nightlight
Vicious keeper of nightmares
And blood stained fingers
I hate you so
I hate you in ways you've yet to find
Disgusting creature, ugly girl
Quit your whining and sprout your wings
You only look like me
Lying bitch
Cancerous whore
To think you live
While the other self, the true self,
The shado
Dies and begs for forgiveness
Dies and rots alone
That makes me sick
That makeshift bough you use to cradle yourself
It's a lie

Nov. 16th, 2012

The Dream Queen

I kiss the glass,
And feel the cold
I tear open my heart
The ill and the weary thing
Beats weakly, with a sorrowful resonance
And inside its ill-fitting cage
Weary water and tinged red milk
Move swiftly, lapping at the shallow shores of conscience
It is there, where you are
Queen of spiders and other killing things
The Witching Hour is your domain
And as frozen, gut wrenching breaths tear from my inner sanctuary,
I struggle to see a perfect forest of trees
In splintered glass and torn up paper
And like the foolish Prince 
I ask
Is it to be?
And silence echoes my reply
"Hush now. Hush! 
You'll only work up that sleeping beast
And only blood will tame this beast"
So I sit, waiting
And waiting
And waiting
Hoping for a reprieve of my own devising
My mind traps me
Like so many wolves and other horrid things
I dream
Oh lord,
Do I dream
Crying skies and drops of blood
And witches brews and mashed up bugs 
And little girls and full grown men
She screams, that evil queen
"You'll only make me cry!"
And to give into her would be the birthing of new light
But I refrain, I hold back
And I allow her a moments silence 
To mourn the pretty princess gowns 
And little tiaras made of thorns
And pink gloves of cult thoughts
Then I bid goodbye,
Like I have before
And exit through my dreaming's door
And let out the musty air
That choked my lungs and made me gag
Then I'm here again
I'm lonely and defeated and torn limb from limb 
I hate, I beg
I feel myself caving in
Back to me, the Ugly Beauty
And when I wake
I will wish to dream,
And though I'm far off now,
I promise
I will return

Hello Moon

As dawn breaks anew,
We cradle a sleeping moon 
With Lilly colored, cloud soft arms,
And we kiss each star good night
Before the prying eyes of god
We whisper good byes
And rushed admissions of true love
They turn sheepishly away 
To hide their pleasure
And become captivated 
With the lovely Moring-Glories
Whose petals shimmer and shudder
With silently speaking morning dew
And gentle, breathless wind
Who waits only for the soft embrace 
Of the breathtaking sun
Whose light, while revealing,
Holds us fondly at a distance
And kisses our parched lips
With beauty only seen in her kingdom

Clouds huddle,
Unfazed by the growling wind
And the angry chirping of crickets
With tiny bundles of rain,
Swathed in sparkling wraps,
Made from rainbow and dew
And with a mothers grace,
The bundles are freed
And they fall upon the world,
Breaking free and scattering
They lay with a passionate pleasure upon our skin

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Jul. 7th, 2012

The Debt of Poetry


Silent night and sleight of hand

To a ghost which moves my wrist

Writing lies and speaking truth

I gladly give my heart

My soul

And poetry,

While in expense

Gladly pays for my last debt

To speaking in tongues

And spinning stars

Let the rhythm

move my heart

Speak now, Ghost

Shadow of self

An angel of pain

A demon of hell

I see not in fixed image

But in flowing metaphor

And painful truth

Yes, I speak of night

But by fearsome might

My hand slides from my desk

And in my heart

This thing

Finds rest


Jun. 12th, 2012

To Incubi/ From Incubi

From Incubi

Whether it’s the steady

Drip, drip, drip,

Of the faucet in the bathroom,

That so eloquently mimics a killer’s last breath

Or the natural ebb and flow of painful silence,

All you see is motive

You keep your chest closed off

With white, bone white


Guarding your sensible mass of frolicking emotions

Like Cerberus, like Michael, like nothing

Your last requiem, your only lullaby

Is me

I steal your breath and I crush your chest

Like two ton stone men,

My frothing mouth

Dripping with poison honey

And sweet lady’s secrets

To Incubi


I have gone so far as to name you

My formless little friend

Thank you for standing by me

Watching me sleep

Dream, breath, sob

I’d like to forget you

Erase you from the tip of my tongue,

Hide all your secrets
in pretty white coffins
Dripping with Lilly and Asphodel

May. 15th, 2012

Oh, the Night

Oh, the night

The night when sound

Ceased to matter

When the angels cried

And devils screamed

I am haunted by ghosts

Ripping at my skin

And tugging at my clothes

Oh, sweet nectar

Lull me to sleep

Let me dream

Not of ghouls

But of shining princes

And corn-silk braided hair

With glass slippers and

Carriages, drawn by 12 coal black mares

Be still,

My fluttering heart

Banging broken fists against

Marrow and deceit

A cage filled with roses and bloody tulips

Be silent, be still

Quit your useless cries

Allow grey matter to decide

My fate

My own blood

On my own hands

Drips, drips, drips

Silently down

Into shoes filled with rice

And checkered floors,

White and black and pristine

Oh god,

Their bloody now

Drowning in a sea of sticky,


Pain, pain, pain

Hush my sobbing skin

Speak my silent throat

Let this night never end

For if it does

You’ll only go back to

The false bravado

And calla lilies with green petals

And silent movies

With obvious innuendos

That thought disgusts you

Doesn’t it?

It makes me feel sick

That thought

It truly does

Oh, quiet now


Listen to my breath in the eaves

We are lost

Babes in the woods

Helpless and frightened

We run like children

Away, away, away

Ah, silence once more

Thank you clarity

Thank you moon

Good night

Good bye

Good luck

May. 11th, 2012

You're Just So Pretty

Intangible whispers
Caught mid-flight with eyes of stone
Bounce from lips of deceivers
Like poision from the Devil’s own tongue
They all ask why I am,
Questioning my reasons
But how could they see,
What has never existed?

People fight, they beg and they plead
Trying to make me see
They tell me I’m wrong,
When I know that I’m right

I suppose an animal in a zoo would feel like me
Nothing but meat for others eyes
A pretty plaything
Stuck in petty Limbo,
With pretty eyes,
How could they stare? 
What more could they see?

I smile,I cry,
Like a puppet on strings
I curse to a god
I try to break free

Yet there they are,
Chanting like mindless zombies
“How could you think that, 
You’re just so pretty”

May. 10th, 2012

You're Just Not You Today

Hush now, hush
You’re just not yourself today
Sleep Darling, sleep
Let the night take hold of your 
Trembling rose lips
And your kisses roll off lips of steel
Like they never existed
Like they never lived
Soft breaths of angel wings whisper 
While the Devil inside me laughs
Oh, what would be
If I could
I’m sure I should
If I tried

Tender words drip with imperfection
Delicate lace woven with only good intent
Oh, you angel
Silently summon the demon inside of me
Again we whisper good night

I must admit, I’m left with nothing to say
And I’ve no clue of what to say, anyways
It wouldn’t be eloquent
And it wouldn’t come off as poetic
I know as much
Just another attempt to say the right thing
Failed and laying forlorn
With limbs ripped off by clumsy vernacular
And unsure speeches of passion
Rolling from my lips

I’m unsure of myself
That much must be obvious
How do I reply to such a thing
Surely my temper will get the best of me
And I’ll have driven off someone else
My thorns blatant, my flaws painfully clear

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